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Accessible Information Management (AIM)

Requesting Accommodations (Returning Students) through AIM:

Disability services uses an online system, Accessible Information Management (AIM), where you can request accommodations for your class!

AIM keeps track of all of your applications, exams, documentation, loaned equipment and accommodations. This allows you to request your accommodations online as well as update your information as needed. You will log into your account with your Islander ID and password.

Login to AIM

(Note: If the last time that you registered with Disability Services (DS) was prior to the Spring 2016 semester, please contact our office before you attempt to login to AIM.)

You are no longer required to submit a registration form or class schedule.

(Note: AIM pulls your course data from TAMUCC's student information management system. Please allow up to 48 hours from the time that you completed your course registration in SAIL for the courses to show up in AIM.)

AIM allows you to generate and send your Faculty Notification Letters (FNLs) to your Professors and Instructors.

(Note: To print a PDF version of your FNL, go to My Dashboard>>>PRINTING FACULTY NOTIFICATION LETTER IN PDF.)

When logged into AIM, you can see your schedule and request accommodations specific to each course. Under “My Dashboard” you will see your schedule of classes, along with your eligible accommodations.

(Note: Approved accommodations are determined at the Access Planning Meeting “intake” when you first register with Disability Services.)

Please, consider each course and indicate those accommodations that you feel are needed as you are able to customize your accommodation request for each of your courses.

(Note: You can modify your accommodation request at any time during the semester; however, accommodations are not retroactive).

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AIM System Log-in Screen

Login to AIM