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How to Request and Receive Academic Accommodations:


Students must request to receive disability related accommodations by completing the following process:

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC) through the university’s admissions process. Office of Admissions.
  2. Complete and submit your application for Disability Services.
  3. Upload documentation that supports your request for academic accommodations. 
  4. Complete the initial Accommodation Planning Meeting (intake) with Disability Services staff.

    After the initial planning meeting, students must request accommodations for their classes each semester using Accessible Information Management (AIM) in order to have Faculty Notification Letters (FNLs) prepared and distributed to faculty.

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Registering with Disability Services:

It is the student’s responsibility to make their accommodation needs known and to provide appropriate documentation to support the requested accommodations.  Students must also request accommodations for their classes each semester using AIM in order to have FNLs prepared and distributed.


Disability documentation can be submitted for review at any time during the year as long as the student is a currently enrolled student at TAMU-CC or an incoming student that has accepted their offer of admission. Documentation submitted to Disability Services (DS) is confidential and used solely for the purpose of determining appropriate academic accommodations.  Affiliation with Disability Services is not reported on a student’s transcript. Students should review the Documentation Guidelines for more information.  Documentation should be uploaded through AIM. For more information about how to submit documentation, please contact Disability Services at 361.825.5816.

Once a Student Applies for Services:

Once a student’s application and supporting documentation are received the student’s file will be submitted to Disability Services Staff for a panel review and assigned to an Accommodations Counselor.  After review, the Accommodations Counselor will contact the student to schedule the Access Planning Meeting.  This process may take up to seven business days for students who are currently enrolled in classes. Newly admitted students will be contacted once the application and documentation are received, however the review will not take place until after the student has attended New Student Orientation.  At the postsecondary education level, students are solely responsible for decisions regarding their accommodation needs.  Parents may attend meetings with their student and Disability Services Staff at the student’s discretion. 

Accommodations are based on the specific disability, documented needs, student self-report, and the nature of the course(s).  During the Access Planning Meeting the student and Accommodations Counselor will review the student’s file to determine appropriate academic accommodations.  Students will also be provided with instructions regarding faculty notification and their responsibilities after the initial meeting, including using AIM to request accommodations for classes each semester.